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Save time, money, and stress when purchasing an investment property with Profitable Property Advisory.

Secure Your Dream Property Within Your Budget

As A leading investment buyers agent, we hold a strong place in the Australian property market. With decades of experience, our home buyers agents help people secure the best investment property or house within their budget. Experience the difference in property buying with our expert team by your side.

What Type of Property Are You Looking For?

The team of Profitable Property Advisory buy properties all over Australia as per client requirements. Purchasing such properties that are fully aligned to your requirements and budget can be a significant time consuming task for anyone.

But when you work with our Qualified Buyers Agent, the whole process expedites. We offer cutting-edge research and advice so you gain an edge over other buyers in the market. Our localized expertise goes down to the suburb level so buyers and investors get the most relevant and updated data to make the ultimate decision.

We provide accurate information on the current sales price, the size of the property, and the number of rooms in it. This insightful local knowledge prevents our customers from undercoating and not getting the results they desire. 

Regardless of your current standing in the property market in Australia, you will undoubtedly benefit from our knowledge and comprehensive services and never end up purchasing an overpriced property. 

Seek the invaluable assistance of our qualified buyers agent and become the proud owner of a high-performing property. 

Why You Need a Property Buyers Agent

Property investment isn't a child's play. That's why you need the best buyer agent by your side. Here's how our agents help you.

Minimize Investment Risk

Investments always come with some kind of risk. So, practising diligence is crucial when investing. However, without an experience in this field, no matter how much research you do, it won't yield results. But with a buyer's agent, you can tremendously lower the investment risk. Our agents have an extensive understanding of the market and your best interests at heart. It ensures that you invest in a viable property with significant potential for capital growth.

Get the Best Price

The most significant benefit of a buyer's agent is that they negotiate for you so you get the best deal. There's no need to waste your time in countless meetings with the seller, as you can leave all of that to your buyer's agent. At Profitable Property Advisory, our buyers agents possess top-notch negotiation skills. They ensure that your offer isn't too high.

Get Insights for an Informed Decision About Your Property Investment

Our property buyers agents are there with you every step of the way. They feed you constant advice so you make effective decisions about choosing the best home. Every member of our team has a deep knowledge of identifying highly valuable properties. They ensure to fulfil the property aspirations of all homebuyers.

Property Inspection

Our Buyers Agent arranges for property inspections to get an unbiased assessment before the purchase. The inspection that we organize thoroughly checks the property and ensures it fulfils all the contract terms. Through these assessments, amenities, such as plumbing, appliances, doors, walls, and windows, among others, are comprehensively examined.

Our Real Estate Buyers Agent Process

Profitable Property Advisory understands that looking for a property, attending inspections, and bidding can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible. We take the routine tasks away from your hands and keep you well-informed at all stages of the process.

Here's a breakdown of our process.​

Learning Your Goals

Our team starts by gaining a deep knowledge of your financial and investment goals and risk tolerance. This lets us customize our strategies to fulfil your requirements and ambitions.

Wealth Consultation

Next, our buyer's agent will sit with you for an hour-long Discovery session, where we dive even deeper into understanding your long-term financial goals and the desired results. At the end of the session, we’ll give you a property investment report that includes a property wealth plan tailored to your goals.

Find High-Growth Areas

Our buyers' agents use their market knowledge and experience to conduct comprehensive location research to discover high-growth areas. We give you data-driven insights on suitable purchase locations.

Presentation of Investment Opportunities

After identifying suitable locations, we present meticulously selected investment opportunities that correspond with your investment strategies. Expect a property summary, suburb profile, appraisal, and cash flow assessment.

Arrangement of Inspections

We arrange property inspections that deeply assess the approved place on various crucial parameters. These include legal compliance, rental history, and property conditions.

Securing the Best Deal

Once you are satisfied with the property, we negotiate on your behalf so you secure your investment at the best possible price and terms.

Complete Support Throughout the Purchase Process

Our property buyers agent will provide ongoing support throughout the purchase process until settlement. We connect you with Industry leading professionals like Mortgage brokers, Solicitors etc. to give you a stress-free experience.


Anjali S IT Manager

Vikash made us believe that property investment is not an option but a mandatory thing if we need to retire with a good lifestyle. We are glad to engage Vikash in our property investment journey who made it a very simple process

Isha A Manager, Public Sector

Profitable is a hub of all property related services starting from the Strategy, Buyer Agent, Mortgage Broker, Tax Advisory & Property Mgmt. which is the key successful element for any investor. As an expat in Australia, it was not possible for me to be successful in my property investment journey without Vikash.

Falgun P Business Owner

Profitable showed a great professional commitment and helped me in buying my Super Property managing the end to end process and making it a hassle free journey

Prabh A Operations Manager

Profitable guys made me a true Profitable investor. With help from Profitable I was able to create a profitable property portfolio

Anna S Business Owner

Great experience & very professional. The consultancy is high standard which helped me in taking the right decisions for my property portfolio

Anthony P Director

True value for money. Very good service and all process from strategy, sourcing property until settlement was smooth and stressless

Help to Maximize Your Returns

Our support does not end after the property purchase. You can expect continuous support, market updates, and portfolio reviews to get the most returns. Learn more about how each part of our process helps you get closer to your investment goals. Contact our Profitable Property Advisory today to discuss how we can help you.

Profitable Property Advisory provides expert property investment services in Australia, helping clients secure investment properties or homes within their budget. They offer decades of experience, localized expertise, and valuable insights into the property market to facilitate a seamless buying process.

Profitable Property Advisory’s buying process includes: Learning Your Goals: Understanding your financial goals and risk tolerance. Wealth Consultation: Tailoring a property wealth plan to your goals. Finding High-Growth Areas: Conducting location research for suitable purchase locations. Presentation of Investment Opportunities: Providing data-driven insights and property summaries. Arrangement of Inspections: Assessing properties on various parameters. Securing the Best Deal: Negotiating on your behalf. Complete Support Throughout: Ongoing support until settlement, including connections to industry professionals.

Using a property buyers agent in Australia can minimise investment risks, help you get the best price, and provide valuable insights for making informed decisions about your property investment. Their expertise in negotiation, market knowledge, and property inspection can be invaluable in the buying process.

Profitable Property Advisory distinguishes itself through its extensive experience, localised expertise, and a personalised approach. Their team’s in-depth knowledge of high-growth areas and commitment to understanding clients’ financial goals make them a preferred choice for property buyers.

 First-time property buyers can benefit from Profitable Property Advisory’s guidance in understanding the market, finding affordable properties, and navigating the buying process. Their agents provide crucial support, ensuring that first-time buyers make well-informed decisions.

No, Profitable Property Advisory offers its services throughout Australia. They have the capability to assist clients in purchasing properties in various regions, ensuring that the properties align with the client’s requirements and budget.

Yes, Profitable Property Advisory can assist with both residential and investment property purchases. Their expert team has experience in identifying valuable properties for various purposes, whether it’s a dream home or an investment opportunity.

After purchasing a property, Profitable Property Advisory offers continuous support, market updates, and portfolio reviews to help you achieve your investment goals. They ensure you have a stress-free experience by connecting you with industry professionals such as mortgage brokers and solicitors.